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About Us

If I was to use poetic license I could say we are in our second century of doing business and having started in 1998 I would be right the calendar turning as it has. My personal fondness for the UK goes back to my first visit with my brother in 1965 when we spent a happy summer backpacking around southern England. (A nice B and B was only four dollars so we are talking history here!) Numerous return visits with my mother Susan to tour gardens and with my wife Karen when we spent our honeymoon in Scotland cemented my love for the country. My brother tells me that going back far enough you find our ancestors at Ironacton outside of Bristol so there is a genetic disposition for liking the land as well. My wife being a Kay heralds from Scotland where the MacKays were settled tho on her mothers side she is Scandanavian. That has made for endless inside jokes about her ancestors pillaging mine.
Our business started out of our own collecting and grew until it simply made sense to open a business dealing with what we really like from the the UK. Our approach to the business has been very customer friendly as we sell unto others as we would have them sell unto us. The internet has been an interesting realm and one we are doing well in, as service is as important here as in the brick and mortar world. Our growth is slow and gradual and you will see new additions every Spring as we add new lines from our yearly trip to England.
The future is bright and we look forward to enjoying this business as much in ten years as we do now.